Wednesday, November 28, 2012

BMM beta comes out, free wifi calls added

 BBM 7 is now in Beta zone with some interesting updates. The most interesting to me being the free voice calls it brings (a good way to save on call credits :-) ). The voice call Option works with wi-fi only and not 2G/3G/4G as you might have expected and it is also presently supported by OS6/7, with OS 5 support "coming in the future".

Voice calls can be initiated directly from the BBM, switching of text chats to voice calls, you can use both in split screens, and it as an indicator to let you know when your friends are available for calls.

I guess this is just a tip of the iceberg with BBOS10 coming in January 30th, 2013, which is expected to bring video and audio calls to BBM...#FingersCrossed.

The upgrade also integrates your Blackberry ID which backs up your contacts, profile and groups for easy switching to new device.

From the pictures you will notice this version comes with new smileys, and there is no option to backup  BBM contacts on device or on a memory card. 

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